Miles Aldridge

Red Marks 1, 2003

From the 2013 Carousel portfolio of 32 unsigned lithographic and silkscreen prints.

lithographic and silkscreen prints
46.7 x 67.7cm
of 180

Miles Aldridge, Britain’s best Fashion Photographer and super cool guy. Full stop. “I always wanted the women I photographed to be more like the people I knew: edgy, desperate, destructive, dangerous, demented”. This image was part of a series called Red Marks, shot for Italian Vogue in 2003. Aldridge once said he wanted to see how far he could push things and get away with it. I asked myself the question: how to shoot a beauty story without a girl in it? Where would lipstick be left behind? A cigarette was an obvious place. Other images in the series were an apple core and a cup of coffee that had been knocked over. There are cinematic references in my work, from Alfred Hitchcock to David Lynch, and I remembered a wonderful scene in Hitchcock’s Rebecca where a matronly lady stubs out her cigarette in a tub of cold cream. It was a great image of contempt and disgust. I thought: how can I evolve that?”


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