Patrick Hughes

Travel, 2004

Beautiful multiple framed in perspex. When you walk past this print you are transformed into a New York apartment - walking one way the print reveals a New York skyline, walking the other way the print reveals classic Roy Lichtenstein pop images

Hand painted multiple with lithography
42 x 80 x 19 cm
From the Edition of 45

Patrick Hughes made his first three dimensional relief painting in 1964 - his intention to do the opposite of what was done. Over fifty years on, he is still doing so. Hughes’ painted reliefs constantly baffle his audience, demonstrating how deceptive appearances can be. As we walk towards the seemingly flat paintings they loom out at us, creating a disorientating, ‘moving’ experience. The preconceived assumptions of eye and brain are challenged, inevitably raising important questions about our perception and the subconscious.   Hughes’ work is included in major public collections such as Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Council. In 2014 he received an honorary degree from the University of London’s Advance Study, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education and research


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