used paper is a contemporary art publisher commissioning editioned works across a broad range of media. Artists are invited to approach the conception and production of a portfolio as if making a solo or group exhibition – employing images, objects, sound and film/digital works all within the context of a box file. Producing original works in multiples, edition sizes are informed by the particular medium and all prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Signed certificates of authenticity accompany objects, sound and film/digital works.

When arranging the shipment of works for Robert Ryman’s 1968 exhibition at Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf, the gallerist listed the artworks simply as ‘paper’ to minimise any potential import costs. When informed that the import duty on handmade paper was also high, Fischer re-categorised the works as ‘used paper’. This description resonated with Ryman and his approach to materials:

“since that time I have wondered about the possibility of paintings being defined as Used Paint. Then there could be Used Bronze, Used Canvas, Used Steel, Used Lead…”

Framing can be arranged by used paper in collaboration with John Jones Framing Ltd. These frames are produced to Museum Standard using pH neutral materials and UV filtered glazing to maintain condition and ensure conservation of works.